Movimentação de moldes com capacidade de carga até 4.000 kg.
Mold lifting machine with capacity up to 4.000 kg.


Guindastes para movimentação de moldes com capacidade de carga até 4.000 kg.

The MINIDREL 40S_HG is the mold lifting machine designed to lift and carry loads up to 4.000 kg. Ideal
for use in plastics and mold lifting and industrial maintenance applications.
The small size of the MINIDREL 40S_HG crane makes it possible to achieve a high level of performance in small spaces.

Technical features

FeaturesSerie MINIDREL 40S_HG
Maximum load capacity4.000 Kg
Standard min. hook’s height from the ground2.400 mm
Standard max. hook’s height from the ground4.800 mm
Possibility to extend height up to (option)5.000 mm
Standard max. telescopic extension1.350 mm
Capacity at standard max. telescopic extension4.000 Kg
Possibility to extend telecopic extension up to (option)3.600 mm
Capacity at max.telescopic extension (point 7)1.350 Kg
Rotation (option)
Wheelbase2.000 mm
Dimensions- lenght2.470 mm
Dimensions- width1.430 mm
Dimensions- height2.850 / 2.950 / 3.050 mm
Adjustable speed from / toFrom 0 to 60 m/min
Max. surmountable slope ( unloaded )8%
Max. surmountable slope ( loaded )3%
Front wheels2 x Ø300 x 140 mm
Rear driving wheel1 x Ø 450 x 180 mm
Wheels materialPolyurethane
Total weight:6.300 Kg
Electric motor power5,0 KW / 24 cc.
Hardened battery (standard)420 Ah / 24 V
Battery charger on board110 / 240 V -50/60 Hz
Lead acid battery
Gel battery
Additional autonomy of battery
Proportional control on board of all mouvements
Certification to standard 2006/42 CE
Made in accordance (not certified) to standard UL508 A
Certification (issued by Third Party) to standard UL508 A
Drive hydraulic unit
Automatic braking system
Overloading safety system
Pressure safety valves on each movements
Safety emergency electric devices
Winch (lifting capacity on demand)
Wireless remote control (capacity on demand)
User Manual and technical documentation
Possibility to do all movements with max. Load

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